robotwebThe Computer Vision & Robotics Degree is an international one year educational program  to obtain the Bachelor degree from the University of Burgundy. This program is accessible to undergraduates students who can justify of two years of study in a bachelor course (equivalent to 120 ECTS). This course benefits of the experience and the skills of a team of researchers involved in the Master Computer Vision (http://mscvision.u-bourgogne.fr/) and the Erasmus Mundus Master VIBOT (http://www.vibot.org/), and the dedicated facilities for vision and robotics.

This program, in one year, is the best stepping stone to direct admission to these Masters program in Computer Vision and Robotics.


This BSc is intended to acquire the basic knowledge of robotics and computer vision in order to better prepare students to pursue their studies in master specialty of robotics, image processing, vision or enter the working world as technician. All courses are taught in English which offers an international perspective to the graduates.


This course is opened to students justifying of two years of study in the bachelor courses of their university (equivalent of 120 ECTS) or equivalent in the fields of Computer science, Electrical Engineering or Mathematics and B2 Level of English (550 TOEIC). B2 level of French is not requested.


  • Technician in the field of study/development robots, robotics systems.
  • Technician in the field of study in quality control
  • Assistant Engineer in the design of embedded systems.

Continuation of studies


  • Christophe Stolz (christophe.stolz@u-bourgogne.fr)